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Classically Blonde

Let's all take a minute to admire the versatility of Jennifer Aniston's golden tresses. It doesn't matter what era you find her in, she is absolutely stunning. She's even had a hairstyle named after her character, Rachel from Friends. Over the years, she's mixed and matched different shades of blonde to formulate her own look, and it's been one of the most requested colors in salons.

One of the most iconic hairstyles of the 90's, the base color of "the Rachel" was a dark brown. She was able to combine golden blonde highlights that fade into a sandy blonde. This make for a vibrant shade of honey blonde that is unparalleled. Although she hated the hairstyle, she held on to that signature color blend.

Jennifer Aniston. One of the most iconic hairstyles of the 90s

Aniston may have been partial to honey blonde, but she always reminds us that she can rock any shade of blonde. Another favorite of hers is a combination of a sandy blonde base with golden blonde highlights. Combining the different hues of blonde creates a more vibrant look.

Jennifer Aniston. Aniston may have been partial to honey blonde

Keeping it consistent, Keeping it consistent, Jennifer sports ash blonde hair that fades into honey blonde near the tips

Jennifer Aniston. Celebrities who have gone blonde and gone the distance

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