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Going Back to School with Class

This fall's fashions are all about simplicity. If this year's trends have taught us anything, it's that less is more, and that it will let more of our authentic selves shine through. With busy class schedule having something that is easy to maintain and doesn't involve a whole lot of fuss.

Women are embracing their hair's natural texture. Allowing your natural waves and curls to dazzle the world on their own will ensure that all eyes will be on you. This style also requires very little upkeep.

vanity hair design, embracing their hair's natural texture
PPhoto: Curlformers All Rights Reservedhttps://www.curlformers.com/get-the-look/textured-hair/

Life's more fun with color; why would your hair be any different? Combine two different tones of blonde for a more voluminous look that pops.

vanity hair design, Effortless style is at the top of everyone's agenda
Photo: Short-Haircut.com All Rights Reserved. https://www.short-haircut.com/tag/two-tone-blonde-hair

Effortless style is at the top of everyone's agenda this fall. A messy bun may be exactly what you need to kick off this school year. It will keep your hair out of the way while you accomplish all of your goals this semester.

vanity hair design, Braids are making a comeback in a big way this fall

Braids are making a comeback in a big way this fall. Braiding your hair is another great way to keep hair out of your face and look fashionable at the same time. This look is the epitome of how fashion meets functionality.

vanity hair design, find the look that best suits you
Photo: Stylish Zoo Trends All Rights Reserved https://stylishzoo.com/gorgeous-ideas-of-dutch-braid-hairstyles/

If you want more ideas for what to do with your hair on your way back to school, talk to the stylists at Vanity Hair Salon, and they will help you be able to find the look that best suits you.


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