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Haunted by Halloween Hair?

Sometimes the green hair dye that looked fantastic with your hot Halloween costume doesn't wash out. Bad hair days are so universally understood they've reached almost mythological status in our culture. Whether your scary hair was the result of a Halloween mishap or a poorly planned self-trim, these excellent dos and don'ts can help you deal with your hair demons.

Do: Accessorize

You know that one girl who's always rocking a cute hat, and never runs out of new ones to try? That's you now. You can turn that unfortunate new style into the perfect opportunity to, you guessed it, tether yourself to an unfamiliar object that gives you a small anxiety meltdown whenever the wind blows or you walk through a tight space. Best part is, no one ever has to know what lurks underneath.

Don't: Try to Fix it yourself

Lopping off your locks is never the solution to scary hair. Hide all clippers and scissors, and say no to all amateur fixes. Don't let that cousin give you an "out of the box" dye job both figuratively and literally. It will only make things terribly worse.

Do: Hide Accessorize

You've got some vacation time saved up right? Well there's never been a better time to skip work. Skip everything else while you're at it. You've got some TV shows to catch up on anyway, and if you've ever wondered what it's like to be a hermit living alone out in the woods, camping is always on the table.

Don't: Hang Around a Seedy Part of Town and Try to Witness a Crime

Sure, witness protection can offer you and your bad hair a chance to start a new life together, but it's certainly not the safest route to hair recovery. All the embarrassment of your friends and loved ones seeing your hair disaster is not worth such extreme means. If you're even considering this option, you need to find a hair stylist you trust.

Do: Get Professional Help Accessorize

Don't let your hot Halloween costume haunt you in November. Your best option by far is to seek the wisdom and experience of someone who really knows hair. A professional stylist who understands color theory, texture, and thickness, and who can draw on experience to visualize your style and create a look you can not only be seen in public with, but you can look at in the mirror too. If you're lucky enough to get your hair fixed at Vanity Hair Salon of Murfreesboro, you'll be thankful for the scary hair that led you there.


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